Congratulations Award Winners

2012 Business of the Year

Hess Orthodontics
Hess Orthodontics 
Photo: Dr. Michael Hess, Dr. Kim Tyson 

2012 Business Person of the Year

Lisa Kennedy, Alley Cat Pest Control
Lisa Kennedy
Photo: Lisa Kennedy, Erik Butler

2012 MARGY WATKINS Volunteers of the Year

Alison Farnan, Grimebusters Pressure Cleaning and Clik-Me-Quick Photo Booth
 Alison Farnan
Photo: Alison Farnan, Larry Brooks

2012 Citizen of the Year

Bryan S. Thatcher
 Bryan Thatcher

Photo: Bryan S.Thatcher, Barbara Jones

2012 Shining Star Award

Randy Ramos, Riverview Plumbing
Randy Ramos
Photo: Randy Ramos, Gabrielle Perham

2012 Ambassador of the Year

Joe Eletto, Century 21 Beggins
Joe Eletto
Photo: Joe Eletto, Mary Owens